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Open Data Atlantic's mission is to educate and empower citizens to create positive change using open data.  We aim to curate and facilitate civic engagement across Atlantic Canada.

What does Civic Engagement mean? citizens or organizations that are embracing technology and data to build more efficiency, accountability and transparency in our government systems.

Principles to Success


To address areas of improvement or barriers (these will arise as we explore various themes)


To learn about data analysis and visualization (data skill set) 


To understand the positive impact that data and application of data can have on a community


To create commercialized open products using open data that contribute to the development and growth of our communities


“A strong data infrastructure will be as important to the economy today as roads have been to our success in the industrial economy"

Computer Business Review


Our Story

Two women set out on a journey driven by the power of data. The flame was ignited at separate times for both Sara and Erin, but converged at the 2016 Canadian Open Data Summit hosted in Saint John, New Brunswick. The venue was lined with vibrant images put together with data sets and formatted into beautiful stories that had lasting impact. It was here that they learned of the National "Open Data Book Clubs" and the significant impact they had across Canada. At the time working in the private sector in the realm of data in relation to transportation, they recognized they had only scratched the surface of understanding the value of open data when leveraged to full potential. The mission was clear; educate the region, build context and storytelling around data to do so, and begin pairing private and public sector to bring this valuable data to life in order to build healthier, happier and smarter communities. Through partnerships with the Canadian Open Data Exchange and regional book clubs, they have begun sharing best practice on a national scale, and continue to work hard to move the open data movement forward.


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Open Data Atlantic is part of a large network of private and public sector organizations with shared visions of moving the open data movement forward. We collaborate, share best practice and work closely together to celebrate shared success along the way. Thank you to our partners who have graciously allowed us into their spaces to facilitate our growing meetings!